@Elastomers professionals from across the silicone elastomers and TPE industries to gather in Munich this November (29/09/2560)

29 Sep 2017
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Munich, Germany - Over 250 key professionals from across the global elastomers industry will come together in Munich, Germany, November 28-29, to attend this year’s renowned Silicone Elastomers and Thermoplastic Elastomers World Summits. Over the years, there have been a number of new developments across both the silicone elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers industries, driven by increasing performance requirements across various sectors; from automotive and healthcare to consumer and industrial applications. With so many important developments, it is vital for all areas of the supply chain to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the industry and get ahead of the competition. This is why so many industry experts come together to attend this yearly gathering, known widely as the ‘home’ of the elastomers industry. The organizer, Smithers Rapra, has put together a comprehensive program for each summit this year, covering the full scope of the global elastomers industry and providing valuable information on these developments and initiatives, as well as delivering an insightful forecast into the future. Sessions include advanced research and development updates, additives, the view of the OEM, materials; biomaterials and renewables, TPEs and their properties and much more. Described as an “Excellent opportunity for networking and improvement of market and technology knowledge” by OCSiAl, both summits offer delegates the opportunity to gain the knowledge to boost their business, increase profit, meet new industry contacts, build business relationships and develop an increased understanding of customers’ needs. Not only that, by purchasing one ticket to their preferred event, delegates will gain full and unfiltered access to the other event as desired, providing double the content and double the ROI. Presentations include: Advancements in adhesion of fluorinated liquid silicone rubber (F-LSR) to substrates, by Rick Ziebell, vice president of technology, R.D Abbott Company; Color and safeguard your liquid silicone rubber for medical applications with biologically tested and change controlled special solutions, by Beate Treffler, regional head, Europe Healthcare Polymer Solutions, Clariant Plastics and Coatings; Development of silicone rubber solutions for transport applications, by Joseph Hallett, senior development chemist, Fenner Precision; Silicones as encapsulation for flexible LED modules, by Martin Reiss, materials manager, OSRAM; Vistamaxx performance polymers enable oil-free soft touch grips, by Anja Schulz, Vistamaxx market developer, ExxonMobil; Engineering TPEs with advanced damping properties for automotive industry, by Nobuhiro Miwa, technical service engineer, Kuraray. For more information on the Silicone Elastomers and Thermoplastic Elastomers World Summits, visit http://www.elastomer-forum.com/about. Source: rubber world (28/09/2017)

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