@Showa Denko completes construction of BMC plant in China(26/09/2560)

26 Sep 2017
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Tokyo, Japan - Showa Denko New Material had a ceremony for the completion of its new plant to produce thermosetting bulk molding compound (BMC) in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China. SDNZ's new plant is the Showa Denko Group's second BMC production base in China, while the first one in China is located in Shanghai. Group's BMC business sector formerly had production bases at three locations, namely, in Japan, Shanghai and Thailand. The production base in Shanghai has been supplying BMC to customers mainly in eastern China, and has been operating at full capacity because sales of BMC in China have been rapidly increasing, centering on the application for automobiles and home electrical appliances. The new plant of SDNZ will supply BMC to customers mainly in southern China. Under its ongoing medium-term consolidated business plan, "Project 2020+," SDK Group positions its business in functional chemicals including BMC as "growth-accelerating" business. SDK Group will make its BMC production system, which comprises four production bases located in Japan, Shanghai, Zhuhai and Thailand, ready to be operated at full capacity as soon as possible, and aggressively expand its functional chemicals business especially in China and ASEAN region where rapid growth of the market is expected. Source: rubber world (25/09/2017)

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