@Technavio announces top five leading vendors in the global silicone elastomers market from 2017-2021(21/09/2560)

21 Sep 2017
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London, England - Technavio has announced the top five leading vendors in their recent global silicone elastomers market 2017-2021 report. This market research report also lists 12 other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period. According to the research analysis, the global silicone elastomers market is one of the growing markets. The market is oligopolistic in nature. Key vendors in the market have integrated their businesses in the backward direction in a cost-effective way. The companies are engaged in extending their product portfolios with increasing R&D cost. For instance, companies such as Momentive, Wacker Chemie, The Dow Chemical Company, Shin-Etsu Chemical and Reiss Manufacturing are involved in the backward integration of the operations. Momentive manufactures silicone raw material to produce elastomers. “The global silicone elastomers market is expected to grow at a significant pace during the forecast period, owing mainly to high demand from the construction and automobile segments. Increasing demand from the cosmetic end-user segment and healthcare industry have also triggered the demand for silicone elastomers. The competitive environment in the market might further intensify over the next five years as vendors are competing based on factors such as the cost of production, innovation in products, price, operational cost, research and development cost, and product quality,” says Kshama Upadhyay, a lead plastics, polymers, and elastomers analyst from Technavio. Technavio market research analysts identify the following key vendors: KCC offers a range of high-value-added products for end-user industries, such as automotive, construction, and industrial consumer goods and plants. The company sells its silicone elastomers products under integrated organic silicone product group. The silicone elastomer products offered by the company are used in various end-user industries. Momentive manufactures and sells silicones, silicones derivatives, specialty ceramics, and products derived from quartz. It caters to end-user industries, such as automotive, textiles, agriculture, healthcare, energy, electrical and electronics. The company offers a range of liquid silicone rubbers (LSR), heat-cured elastomers, additives, bonding agents, and customized solutions to various end-users with improved silicone elastomers properties. It offers its products under the brand names, such as Addisil, Silplus, Silopren, Tufel and StatSil. Shin-Etsu Chemical manufactures and sells PVC, silicones and semiconductor silicon wafers globally. It caters to various end-user industries, such as paper and pulp, automotive, cosmetic, electronics and electrical, and chemical. The company offers a range of silicone products, such as fluids, liquid silicone rubber, rubber, and powders, which are used in applications such as building sealant, electronic device heat dispersion materials, eco-tires, high-performance contact lens and cosmetic ingredients. The Dow Chemical Company focuses on providing clean water solutions, increasing agricultural productivity, and clean energy generation and conservation. It offers specialty chemicals, advanced materials, and agricultural products and services. It manufactures and distributes silicon-based products to various industries such as automotive, textiles, electronics and healthcare. It offers its products under the brand names Silastic, Xiameter and Sylgard. Wacker Chemie manufactures and sells a wide range of specialty chemical products including silicone rubbers, silicone fluids and waxes, silicone resins, dispersions, hybrid materials, pyrogenic silica, rock salt, cyclodextrins, polymer resins and polysilicon, to industries such as automotive, construction, consumer goods, healthcare, life science, energy, electronics and electrical, and elastomers and plastics. Source: rubber world (20/09/2017)

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